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PastoDeco Pro©

14.9 usd

PastoDeco© is a diving decompression planification app for both Technical and recreational dives.Features:Buhlmann deco models ZH-L16A, ZH-L16A or ZH-L16C with Erik baker's Gradient FactorsVPM/B and VPM/B-GFS deco models Metric and Imperial unitsOpen circuit and CCR Rebreather closed circuitAir, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, Helitrox, Heliair divesAltitude divesMultilevel divesRepetitive dives with interval gas breathing gas and tissues off-gassing chartsPer-dive customizable parametersBailout profilesContingency backup profiles ( time / depth violations )Step by step gas consumption traking and tanks volumes editCNS and OTU's trackingDive charts with interactive tissues load chartSave dive projectsScreenshot, Copy to clipboard, or send by email RunTimesCustomizable last stop depth ( 3~9 meters or 10~feet )Deep stopsCustomizable SAC rate ( at ascent, descent, deco stops, CCR )Customizables ascent / descent speedsCustomizables tank switch time ( OC, CCR to OC, leaving Trimix )Customizables deco stepsCustomizables setpoints depending of depthPossibility to download Shearwater Predator, Petrel, Petrel2 dive Profiles ( with separate app Shearwater Downloader )
Available in: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Poland, German, Greek, Turkish, Chinese
If you want to try it, there is a free version of PastoDeco on Play Store
NOTE:Having a PastoDeco Pro for Android let's you to purchase a PastoDeco Pro desktop ( Win or Mac ) for only 5,99€ instead of 19,90€.Download desktop free version on and register to pro version ( inside the app ) providing Play Store order number and date.